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RC CONSTRUCTION SOLAR is the #1 residential solar power company in South Carolina with AFFORDABLE PRICE to our customers. We have custom designed and installed solar systems for families like yours across South Carolina. RC Construction Solar are the market share leader, we can source top quality modules at volume discount prices and pass those savings onto you.


As the energy management, RC Construction Solar provides complete photovoltaic solutions for any size installation, from grid-tie residential rooftops and EV charging station, off-grid solar and battery back-up application. Our innovative products help you to get the most efficient solar harvest from your installation, and you benefit from having a single supplier for all of your components.


Our services address all aspects of renewable energy design and construction, economic feasibility-planning, project management and equipment installation. Whether managed independently or in partnership with local contractors, you receive the optimal solution customized to your needs. Our solutions help customers reduce costs, stay connected at all times, and tap into a clean, secure and uninterrupted power supply.


We provide you the ultimate technology and experience in solar energy. We ensure perfect harmony between installation and budget.Our most popular services include turnkey photovoltaic systems,solar pool heating,solar hot water.!!! WE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTE !!!.

What We Do

  • System consultation and planning
  • Unbeatable pricing that will work with your budget
  • Prompt Response on quotes, install, support and service
  • Regulatory Support and permit
  • Change Management
  • Risk Assesment 


What's New

NEW Microinverter M250

NOW in Stock the Enphase M250 Optimized for high-power solar modules, our fourth-generation technology delivers reliable, high performance system at a great value.

New 320 watt Solar Panel

RENOGY launch the new panel of 320 watt that premium solar modules, both monocrystalline and polycrystalline.


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